Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December's D-Lab Bridge Project

The students in our MIT D-Lab STEAM collaboration at the JFK Elementary School really loved the final bridge-building project we did in December! The kids had a design challenge to prepare them for real world application.  This challenge helped prepare students to face our current economic challenges.  When given this type of opportunity to learn real life skills, students will ultimately make these types of amazing contributions to our society!

The JFK students created these bridges by first interpreting different paintings featuring bridges.  They identified types of bridges and elements of bridge structure, such as beams, arches, and suspension wires.  They then connected the concept of triangulation to the use of triangles in trusses. Finally, the students had to explore and demonstrate tension, compression, and balance!

The JFK students did unbelievable work!  Take a look at some of their awesome handmade bridges!

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Designing and Drawing at GPA!

Last month, Mr. Carl’s students had a creative and mathematical lesson at the Gardner Pilot Academy! The students worked on a collage project, while learning about fractions, shapes, symmetry, and balance.

GPA students used 5 pieces of scrap paper to cut into designs and shapes and glued them onto a larger piece of white paper. They were given a few minutes to get compositional ideas and to trade pieces with their neighbors before finally arranging their chosen papers and gluing them down.  The students were encouraged to make a collage that evoked meaning and purpose. Next time, students will bring in their own materials to create a larger, more personal collage.

The final collages were colorful and filled with symmetrical and asymmetrical designs.  Check out our Flickr and Facebook pages to see more of the great projects our students did during this lesson. We’re so proud of the great work they did!

The 6th and 7th graders at GPA were also recently treated to a special lesson with guest artist Scott Ruescher. He taught them about still life drawing by having the students draw “A Salsa Still Life.”

Visit our Facebook and Flickr pages for more images from these wonderful lessons!