Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In summer 2014, Sara Mraish Demeter, ARCK’s Founder and Executive Director, will be traveling to the Zarqa region of Jordan to conduct a week-long workshop to bring arts education to a group of 40 Syrian Refugees. The art workshop will run from 9 am – 1 pm and consist of integrating reading and writing, story-telling, and painting to help these children begin the process of rebuilding their lives. This program is a continuation of Sara’s work she did in 2013 in Jordan and ARCK is seeking your help to make this possible once again for 2014. With your support, ARCK will extend this program for 4 months and secure a teacher, under ARCK’s consultation, to continue this art education program with the same children. 

Please help us heal the Syrian Refugee children through arts education this summer. Let's help close the education gap where so many of these children are unable to attend schools. Help them learn to be creative, build skills to educate themselves, and provide a safe environment for a better future and the hopeful tomorrow.

Visit our Indiegogo Campaign page to learn more and donate today! Please help us spread the word about delivering arts education to Syrian refugee children. Use the Indiegogo share tool to ask your friends, family, and neighbors to contribute to this campaign today!

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